Scent of the final for Milan and Inter. Rossoneri and Nerazzurri "see" the last mile, on June 10 in Istanbul, and will sell dearly the skin between round trip to conquer the landing at the final.

What goes on tonight - kick-off at 21 - is the fifth European derby between Milan with the Devil unbeaten, two wins and two draws. In addition, Inter have scored just one goal in their previous four, with Oba Oba Martins in the semi-final second leg 20 years ago.

A Meazza dressed up will be the setting for this extra-citizen of fundamental importance for both, still fighting for a place in the top four in Serie A but architects of a continental journey so far extraordinary. For both coaches the choices on the owners seem almost all made, even if doubts remain in the Rossoneri house about the conditions of Leao, a mystery that in all probability will be dissolved only shortly after the match.


Stefano Pioli

Here Milan

"Leao today has done the job it was planned to do." Stefano Pioli takes stock of the condition of the Portuguese, who tried on the field to test his condition. "Tomorrow he will try to force. If I summon him it will be to play. Tomorrow the doctor and Rafa will tell me what the conditions will be. The Portuguese has unique characteristics in this team, if he doesn't make it we will play in another way."

On the predictions, the Rossoneri coach stresses: "I did not say that Inter are favourites. I said it's favored for others." The coach believes in the enterprise and says it clearly: "We think we can eliminate anyone. We did it with Tottenham and Napoli. In the Champions League we didn't have a path of ups and downs, but we did something exceptional. All of us have never played a Champions League final, the motivation is at its best. I tried to convey to the team the happiness of living these moments: it will be a game that will be played over 180 minutes."


Simone Inzaghi

Here Inter

"It's not a derby, but the derby. I am quite serene because I have seen the guys working concentrated, we know that it will be decided in 180 minutes. We all know the importance it has for us, for the club and for the fans. We want to face it in the best way". This was highlighted by the Inter coach, Simone Inzaghi. "There must be no fear, there must be a lot of desire. We hope that these two evenings can give us that final that in August could have been a dream but now we are at 180 '. The team arrives well as a spirit, we will have to use a lot of head and heart. For the heart I have no doubts, on the head we will have to be good at using it, we know that it is a race that is played on 180 '".

"Inter favourites? The matches - continued Inzaghi - are all stories in themselves, especially the derbies. We do not hide, we know the importance of this match and we want to play it at our best, knowing that it would be a great step that must be made with great determination and aggression."

"We have played seven derbies in these 20 months, they can give us some important ideas, but at the same time we know that every game is different. There will be times when we will be more offensive and others when we will be more defensive - he added -; We will have to play a game of great sacrifice, making a run for the teammate will be fundamental. Formations? In midfield and attack I have the possibility to choose, in defense and on the wings I have limited choices: Gosens we do not know if he can be called up and we hope to recover D'Ambrosio".

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