It is FIDAL to communicate the sad news, with an official note on its website: "A sad news for Italian athletics. The Umbrian sprinter Beatrice Alfinito, blue sprint at youth level, died after fighting for a long time against a terrible disease. He would have turned 35 in July. In 2006 she competed at the World Junior Championships in Beijing, in the 200 meters and also in the 4x100 relay running in the first fraction, after being highlighted among the best prospects in the category with personal bests of 12.01 in the 100 and 24.35 on the 200 meters, but at the absolute level her career had been held back by physical problems. The condolences of the president of FIDAL Stefano Mei, of the Federal Council and of all Italian athletics go to the family". A career littered with many injuries, but above all, in recent years, by a long and painful illness, which left her no escape.