A dog causes the cycling world champion to fall

A dog crossing the road caused Belgian world champion Remco Evenbühl, the favourite to win the Giroud Tour of Italy, to the ground today during the fifth stage, before helping several of his teammates and continuing to compete. The Belgian cyclist fell to the ground as the constellation passed through a village after trying to avoid a collision with the dog, sliding a few metres in the rain more than 150km from the finish line of the 171km stage between Atribalda and Salerna.

Television footage showed a dog crossing the road a few seconds before it fell, causing his teammate Davide Ballerini to fall. The fall of Ballerini caused Evenbühl to fall second overall and get out of the way. The 23-year-old took some time to get up, before changing his bike and setting off again with several teammates. Evenbull appeared to have not suffered a serious injury as he smiled and raised his thumb in front of the camera, before joining the race a few minutes later.