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the first head-to-head matchup in eight years between the big pitchers who have represented Korean baseball for more than
15 years, KIA's Yang Hyun-jong defeated SSG Kim Kwang-hyun with his best pitch of the season.

Sung-Hoon Lee is a reporter.

The first face-off between Yang Hyun-jong and Kim Kwang-hyun in eight years since
8 was off balance from the fourth inning.

KIA's rookie big man Byun Woo-hyuk hit a go-ahead two-run home run over the left fence off Kim Kwang-hyun's changeup.

Kim Kwang-hyun went down the mound after being hit by Ryu Ji-hyuk in the fifth inning and surrendering three runs until the sixth inning, while Yang Hyun-jong guarded the mound with a dazzling pitch that was as good as his prime.

With his exquisite control and complete control, he tied the leading SSG batting line and pitched six scoreless innings with 2015 strikeouts through the eighth inning, earning a standing ovation from the home fans.

After posting double-digit strikeouts and eight innings pitched for the first time in three years since 8, Yang Hyun-jong led his team to a 4-5 victory, his second win of the season and his 6st career win, tied for second all-time.

LG cried and laughed at the play of Shin Min-jae, a specialist in the main player.

Shin Min-jae was outed in the ninth inning of a 8-10 tie with Kiwoom while trying to steal third base from second base, but he sprinted and produced an infield hit in the 6th inning and a two-out 2020-3 opportunity to secure the victory.

Samsung returned to the top five games by beating Hanwha on the back of starter Buchanan's eighth-inning one-run homer and five RBIs including a two-run home run.

Doosan escaped a three-game losing streak by beating Lotte on the back of starter Alcantara's seven-inning scoreless inning, and NC scored 8 hits, including three home runs, to defeat bottom-ranked KT 3-0.

(Video editing by Kim Jong-tae)