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American Chelsea: The beauty of the UAE inspires me to shine at the «Monster Jam»

  • Chelsea Vancliff: "I'm excited to see the thrilling atmosphere at Monster Jam in Abu Dhabi."

  • The Monster Jam will be held in Abu Dhabi on Saturday and Sunday. From the source


Chelsea Vancliff is delighted to participate in the Monster Jam Championship in Abu Dhabi on Saturday and Sunday, pointing out that the beauty of the UAE inspires her to shine in the giant truck competition.

Chelsea Vanclef told Emirates Today that she is very excited to participate in the tournament, and said: "I am excited to see the exciting atmosphere at the Monster Jam event in Abu Dhabi, especially since the UAE is very beautiful and besides participating in the tournament, I want to enjoy the beauty of the country and learn about its rich culture and try its traditional dishes."

The American racer spoke about the secret of her passion for motorsport, and said: «Since my childhood I loved the experiences of speed and thrill, so my family used to take me to the race track weekly, which increased my love for driving cars and I started participating in races at the age of eight, and racing has become the focus of my life since then».

As for her driving giant trucks, she said: "I have extensive experience in drag race racing, where you compete with another driver to reach the finish line first, while driving Monster Jam trucks is very different from racing cars, because they are equipped with rear-steering technology and are driven within a dirt track, which makes it more difficult to drive, and I also had to learn the techniques of reverse steering and cornering at corners."

"I think the biggest challenge is to compete with this intensity, especially with the great talent and experience that other drivers have in this type of racing, and I find it difficult to keep up with the rhythm of the competition as a novice driver, but I gain more experience over time thanks to the continuous support of the rest of the drivers participating in the tour."

On the difficulty of driving giant cars for women, she said: "I have loved all motor racing and have followed them with passion since my childhood, which strengthened my confidence in my ability to match the performance of male drivers or even surpass them, and it also motivates me to succeed in this predominantly male sport."

As for how she prepares for the competition, she said: "I usually walk the racetrack and get to know them before the start of the event and think about the special jumps that I will carry out at the beginning, and I spend my time relaxing in the changing room between the networking ceremony and the event to have a rest before driving my car, as this ritual allows me to perform in front of the public."

"I have always dreamed of being a successful Monster Jam truck driver, which encourages me to move forward and achieve my childhood dream, and I call on female drivers to persevere and not give up until they achieve their ambition and succeed as professional drivers."