Udinese defeated Sampdoria 2-0 and condemned them to mathematical relegation to Serie B four days after the end of the season. A relegation with mockery because it comes a few days after the promotion to Serie A of Genoa. The goals that decide the match, both in the first half, are signed in the ninth minute by Pereyra and in the 34th by Masina. The blucerchiati at the 58th hit a post with Gabbiadini: a goal touched that, if transformed, for the Ligurian team would not have changed the fate of either the race or the season.

The match

In the third minute of play the first thrill: Pereyra's cross for Udinese from the left, Ilija Nestorovski's aerial break, Ravaglia flies and saves in the corner with his fingertips. On the developments of the corner kick reversed in the area by Ilija Nestorovski, but the blue goalkeeper parries without problems. In the ninth minute Ebosele starts from the rearguard ball to foot, he makes the whole field sowing the blucerchiata defense, from the edge of the area calibrates a perfect filtering ball for Pereyra who jumps Ravaglia and puts in the net: 1-0 for Udinese. In the 21st Thauvin starts a poisonous left-footed shot from the edge of the area, Ravaglia has quick reflexes and deflects again into the corner. In the 34th Lovric found space on the right and sent a cross that served Masina, able to jump higher than Wimks and beat Ravaglia: 2-0 for Udinese.


Udinese vs Sampdoria - Masina doubles

In the second half, in the 58th minute, the blucerchiata defense starts a deep throw for Gabbiadini who shoots in a regular position, kicks first with the left-handed and hits the post.

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