English Premier League. Arsenal to get closer to the title and a battle between "City" and Liverpool

Unlike in recent years, Manchester City and Liverpool have different goals when they meet on Saturday at the top of the 29th stage of Premier League football, while leaders Arsenal will try to capitalise on any stumble to chase them closer to their first title since 2004.
While the clashes between Algeria's Riyad Mahrez's City and Egypt's Mohamed Salah's Liverpool in recent seasons have been part of a title fight, only City have stayed there this season while Liverpool are content to compete for a Champions League spot.
Arsenal will be on the lookout for any lapse from that summit when they host Leeds United on Saturday as the league wheel returns to spin after a nearly 12-day hiatus due to the international window.

Arsenal to continue

With 10 games to go, Arsenal look on track for a first league title in 19 years, having won six in a row in the Premier League to move eight points clear of second-placed City (8 to 69).
The London club have played more than a game to chase and must travel to Manchester to face Pep Guardiola's men on April 61, but their fate remains in their hands.
Few expected Arsenal to be close to glory this season after failing to finish the final fourth place to qualify for the Champions League in the latter stages of last season.
But Spanish coach Mikel Arteta has done a great job with a group that doesn't include resonant names, but is full of passion and fighting spirit.
Speaking ahead of Leeds' visit to north London, Arteta said: "We have the right level of competition and cooperation because they really want to help each other, but they have to challenge each other too.
"The secret is maybe unity and teamwork between them. They like to spend time with each other, they like to play with each other. This is very powerful."

No room for error against City

Manchester City refuse to give up their title without a fight, having won their last six games in all competitions and scored 13 goals in their last games against RB Leipzig in the Champions League and Burnley in the cup.
But there is little margin for error in City's bid for a fifth league title in six seasons.
City have a relatively easier run than Arsenal on paper in the final stretches of the league, but their focus is distracted in the Champions League quarter-finals in an early summit against Bayern Munich and the FA Cup semi-final against Sheffield United, while the Gunners have bid farewell to the Europa League and the Cup.
To stay close to Arsenal, City must overcome sixth-placed Liverpool for the first time in the league in two years.
City could go into the clash without star striker Erling Haaland, who recently missed Norwegian with a groin injury.

United vs Newcastle

Behind the top two, the competition for the last two Champions League places is fierce, Manchester United are third with 50 points from 26 games to Newcastle's 47 fifth from the same number and Tottenham's 49 fourth from 28 games.
So the match between Newcastle and Manchester on Sunday will be very important in the struggle for continental places.
The Reds go into the game without Brazilian centre-back Casimiro, who was sent off during the draw with Southampton in the league, which led to a four-game ban instead of three for being the second sent off this season.
He made the first game of the win over Fulham in the cup quarter-finals to keep the Reds competing on three fronts this season after winning the League Cup, as they face Sevilla in the quarter-finals of the Europa League.
The Tottenham come to Everton at the end of the stage Monday in the first test since the separation from coach Antonio Conte Sunday after the deterioration of results and fiery statements from the Italian against the team and the management of the London club.
Tenth-placed Chelsea are looking to return to winning ways after settling for a draw at home with Everton before the break.
The relegation struggle is witnessing an epic battle, with four points separating twelfth-placed Crystal Palace, who appointed Roy Hodgson to replace Frenchman Patrick Vieira, and bottom-placed Southampton.