The textual chronicle

At 20.45 Inter and Juventus face each other at the Meazza stadium in Milan, after the first leg on 6 November the Bianconeri had won 2-0. During the previous season the two teams faced each other four times. In the league it ended 1-1 in the first leg and 0-1 for the Nerazzurri in the return. In the Coppa Italia final, Inter defeated the Old Lady 2-4. Simone Inzaghi's team had also won the previous edition of the Italian Super Cup against Massimiliano Allegri's 2-1 in extra time. And almost by a twist of fate, the two teams will return to face each other in the semi-finals of the Italian Cup on 4 and 26 April.

Here Inter

In the knockout rounds of the Champions League Inter comes from success against Porto, eliminated by winning 1-0 in the first leg and drawing 0-0 in the second leg. While in the league he recorded two defeats, 2-1 against Spezia and 1-0 against Bologna, and a victory, 2-0 with Lecce. "Two teams that are doing well are challenged, there will be race, aggression and determination as happens in certain races - predicts Simone Inzaghi, Inter coach -. We consider Juventus a great team, complete and with very strong players. We respect her, we faced her in very heartfelt finals. We will also have two Coppa Italia matches. We know how important mental preparation is and with Juve it will be more so."

And he adds: "This group in 18 months has done very good things and I am very satisfied, but beyond the personalisms we must think only in terms of Inter and the fans who are the base. We know that we did well in the Champions League and that in the league we had to do more. This is football and we must all be good, starting with me, to go further. As a coach, my only thought is Juventus." Then on the possible consequences of the Juventus club's appeal against the 15-point penalty: "I look at the standings now, then there are bodies in charge that are working and judicial events are still ongoing. We will see what happens, hopefully it will happen soon because all teams need clarity."

Here Juventus

Juventus is also going through a positive phase in the cups: in the Europa League they passed the knockout round against Freiburg thanks to the 1-0 of the first leg and the 0-2 of the return. In the league he comes from two victories, both 4-2 against Sampdoria and Torino, and a defeat, 1-0 with Roma. A draw would be enough for the Bianconeri to be alone in seventh place: they are in fact 38 points tied with Udinese, who however already played yesterday. For Massimiliano Allegri, coach of the Old Lady, there is "still an obstacle before the break. Juventus will face the derby of Italy. Inter are strong and we will play in front of 70,53 people, it will be a beautiful and fascinating game, and we will have to be very good to try to get a good result. We scored 3 points, more than all the others, because we are at +4 on Inter, +5 on Lazio, +6 on Milan and +<> on Roma."

The club is always waiting to see what will happen regarding the 15-point penalty. In a month, on April 19, the verdict should come out from the Guarantee College: "We will see what happens, but we will continue to think only about the field because in April we will have many good games and we will have the goal of reaching the final of the Italian Cup and Europa League and be among the top four in the league ", underlines Mr. Allegri.