He said he was the reason he regained his known form.

Majed Nasser: No one will be able to spoil my relationship with Shabab Alahli fans

Shabab Alahli goalkeeper Majed Nasser. From the source

Shabab Al Ahli goalkeeper, Majid Nasser, confirmed that "no one will be able to spoil his relationship with the fans of (Dubai Knights)," saying: "It is a very good relationship. What was circulated on social networking sites of his own statements, in a media interview, did not affect his relationship with Shabab Al-Ahli fans.

Social media platforms circulated a media interview for Shabab Al Ahli goalkeeper praising Al Wasl fans, indicating that if the Dubai Knights audience attends with the same strength as the Emperor's audience, and supports his team, Shabab Al Ahli will achieve the league title. Nasser told Emirates Today: "No one will be able to sabotage his relationship with the public," explaining: "The statement circulating to me on social networking sites is six months ago, and it is strange that it is circulating at the moment."

He added: «I went to the public after the match Shabab Al-Ahli and Khorfakkan, and I told them that they are the reason for my return to my level known about me, and the reason for my access to championships and my good relationship with the public, and no one will be able to sabotage them, especially since this audience stood with me when I needed someone to stand next to me».

He praised the role of the president of the Fans Association in the club, Mohammed Rashid bin Ajeel, and said: «He is one of the personalities close to the players and loved by the public, and this is normal, as he plays a very big role in the stands, and I thank him and the audience in the stadium, and we hope to offer them something during the current season».

As for the victory over Khorfakkan by three goals to one, the day before yesterday, in the 20th round of the ADNOC Professional League, and Shabab Al-Ahli retaining the top of the standings, he said: «We cannot risk in the matches, and it is natural to play cautiously, while the first goal contributed to our task becoming easier to win, despite the players' feeling tired and exhausted, but the most important thing is to get the three points».

On the competition for the title, he said: "We have six games left, and coach Leonardo Jardim tells the players that we must play every game as if it is the final of the tournament, so our focus is great, and our goal is to make the fans happy at the end of the season."

He concluded by saying: «This season is one of the most difficult seasons that have passed during my career, as there are five clubs competing for the title, and not only Al Ain that chases Shabab Al Ahli, there is more than one team waiting for the leaders to falter».

• Our remaining 6 matches in the league are "finals". Our goal is to make Shabab Al Ahli fans happy at the end of the season.