It's about time. Quentin Fillon Maillet got his second podium of the winter on Saturday by taking second place behind Johannes Boe at the end of the pursuit in Oslo on Saturday, the last stage of the Biathlon World Cup. QFM had already finished just behind the incredible Norwegian in early January in the pursuit of Pokljuka, Slovenia.

Starting in seventh position with nearly a minute behind Boe inherited from Thursday's sprint, Fillon Maillet has repositioned himself thanks to a 20 out of 20 shooting. The best biathlete in the world, with a fault, nevertheless won with 54 seconds and 7 tenths of a lead.

Johannes Boe greets the King before finishing the race

This chasm allowed him to take the time to interrupt his last shot before releasing his final ball, to share with the Norwegian public, then to greet the King of Norway Harald V, before crossing the finish line. His compatriot Sturla Laegreid, completes the podium, at 1 minute, 3 seconds and 4 tenths, after a missed target.

The day after the announcement of the departure of the two coaches of the Blues at the end of the season, Vincent Vittoz and Patrick Favre, "more in sync", another Frenchman, Fabien Claude, invited himself into the top 5 with a 19 out of 20 behind the rifle.

Very disappointing this winter, the Blues now have six individual podiums (three for Émilien Jacquelin, two for QFM, one for Eric Perrot), but still no victory on the eve of the last race of the season, a mass start on Sunday.

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