He is the hero this game deserves: Gianni Infantino, President of the international football association FIFA. If he starred in the next Batman movie, the Joker would be the good guy.

His latest act: At the FIFA Congress in Kigali, Rwanda, where he has just been "re-elected" – this so-called election, which was held unopposed (that's probably how it is in a world where the German Football Association is in opposition), was that almost everyone present applauded firmly – at this FIFA congress, Infantino linked his story to the history of the country, in which he spoke.

Infantino and the Rwanda comparison

He recounted how, during his first election campaign for the office of FIFA President, he was at the memorial in Rwanda, which commemorates the genocide – and then thought that he had to continue despite the supposedly bad starting position. Because he now knew how this country had suffered, because he knew how this country had come back.

At the congress, he said, "I couldn't give up because of that." And anyone who believes that this Gianni Infantino story is true in all its details probably also believes that the DFB is really resisting in FIFA.