Ahmed Ibrahim has made great achievements locally and abroad through the «Jewels Stud»

A young Emirati man turned from a fan to the owner of 100 horses

  • Ahmed Ibrahim said the Dubai World Cup has developed and changed all concepts of international horse racing. From the source

  • Ahmed Ibrahim: The Dubai World Cup has made the UAE a leader, not only in horse racing, but also in show jumping, endurance and horse beauty.


The CEO of Al Jawaher Stud for Arabian Horses, Ahmed Ibrahim, revealed his success story with horses, pointing out that he turned from an amateur and admirer of horse breeding to the owner of 100 horses, after starting with only one horse through the «Jewels Stud». He stressed that although his grandfather owned horses, his real story with horses began when he came to Al Khawaneej area in Dubai, and did not own any horses, watching them in one of the stables, and how the workers clean and take care of them. He said: "This scene affected him

"A lot, given his great love for horses, and he wished to own them."

Ibrahim stressed that his dream turned into reality, as breeding horses and his love for them opened many horizons for him and changed the course of his life, and brought him "all the good." "When he started riding in 2013, it made him meet a lot of people interested in horse breeding," he said. He told Emirates Today: "After establishing a company in the production of horses, he began to introduce new owners of horses from India, Sarajevo and Pakistan." After founding the Jewel Stud, he said, "I used to devote a lot of time to horses at the stud, and I was keen to check on newborns, even if it was late at night." He continued: «Approaching horses, raising them and caring for them makes you understand them, and being near them makes you feel psychologically comfortable».

He said: «Through (Jewels Stud), he participated in 2018 in the All Nations Championship, which was held in the German city of Aachen, and won the silver medal through the filly (Donatella), and won many awards in the championships of Al Wathba and Al Ain, and the Citizens Championship for horses, including achieving first place through (Julab Al-Nayef)». He added: «(Jewels Stud) won last year the Dubai Colts Championship, and won fourth place in the World Horse Championship», and continued: «The stud also participated in the racing championships, and was then trained by the trained horses Hilal Al-Alawi, and we achieved five victories with purebred Arabian horses».

As the launch of the global horse racing event, through the Dubai World Cup, approaches next Saturday, Ibrahim said that «the event changed all the concepts and systems of international horse racing, developed them, and made the UAE ranked first in the world in this field, and created a suitable environment for horse owners and producers». "The Dubai World Cup has made the UAE a leader, not only in horse racing, but also in show jumping, endurance and horse beauty."

He continued: "The Dubai World Cup has turned into a huge global carnival, awaited by horse lovers every year worldwide, and this event has put Dubai and the UAE in the world leadership in this field, and I believe that in the coming years there will be many events accompanying this distinguished global event."

• Among the most prominent titles of the "Jewels Stud" is the silver of the All Nations Championship in Germany in 2018, and the title of the Dubai Colts Championship last year.