"Fatal throw" the moment the whistle blows at the end of an NBA game (video)

With a killer triple that coincided with the final whistle, the Dallas Mavericks snatched a thrilling 111-110 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday in the NBA.
The Lakers came closest to victory when Kyrie Irving, who has 38 points, launched a final attack for Dallas, passing a difficult long ball to German winger Maxi Kleber, to fire a shot from a difficult position that forced a terrible silence on the court.
In the absence of Slovenian star Luka Doncic, Dallas took a 14-point lead before returning to square one, with Anthony Davis emerging under the basket and scoring the Lakers with 26 points and 10 rebounds.

🚨 Max pic.twitter.com/Lak2nZGyO7 iiii🚨

— Dallas Mavericks (@MavsArab) March 18, 2023

In the absence of legendary Lakers star LeBron James with an ankle injury, Davis was able to decide, but he hit a free throw out of two with six seconds to go.
With their second consecutive loss, the Lakers are in tenth place in the West Region (34 wins and 37 losses), the last entitled to play the playoffs, under the threat of the Utah Jazz XI (33-36), while they can thank the bottom-runners-up Houston Rockets for their third consecutive victory over the New Orleans Pelicans XII (33-37) with a score of 114-112.
The Mavericks climbed 36-35 to sixth place in the West Region, at the expense of the defending champion Golden State Warriors (36-35), whose fragile defense exposed them to a 119-127 defeat at home to the Atlanta Hawks, where Trae Young scored 25 points.