The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is once again deeply outraged. How can the existence of the Olympic movement be jeopardized, accusing the British Government in particular? A sacrilege! The end of world sport is approaching, if that sets a precedent. What is it?

The IOC answers this question in a self-asked question: How it comments on the demand of the Ministry of Culture and Sports that IOC sponsors should comment on the participation of Russians in international competitions. The questioner's answer to himself: "It is not up to governments to decide which athletes are allowed to participate in which international competitions."

Putin's long arm floats

The IOC is right. Governments should never be allowed to decide on nominations of athletes. They do it often enough. That is why the IOC warning that world sport "as we know it today" is in danger, so tangible. Only it should be addressed to another addressee.

Or does anyone seriously believe that Russian athletes, mostly members of the army or financed by other state bodies, would be sent to the field of honor if they publicly described the war of aggression against Ukraine as such? Putin's long arm hovers over every nomination process. Russia is gearing up for a parallel battle with the final at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

This continued devaluation of Olympia to Putin's next propaganda show should not be criticized by politicians? The more than 30 Western governments that voted against the readmission of Russians into the sports family before the end of the war do not claim the right to interfere with the autonomy of sport. But they are courting comrades-in-arms, the British now with the donors of the IOC. Because they know what might still move the Olympic family. And because they are convinced that they can save world sport from the abyss. That is honorable.