Liverpool raise the challenge slogan against Real Madrid at home

With a heavy home defeat, Liverpool are well aware that they need something like a miracle in order to qualify for the quarter-finals of Champions League football this season at the expense of Real Madrid.

The two teams meet tomorrow at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid, in a task that seems very easy for the Spanish team after a 5-2 first leg victory over Liverpool at home.

In another match tomorrow in the second leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League, Napoli will meet Eintracht Frankfurt.

Real Madrid surprised Liverpool in the first leg and inflicted the biggest defeat at home in European competitions, to approach Real Madrid a big and important step from qualifying for the quarter-finals in the journey to defend its title in the European Championship.

The first leg between the two teams was the exact opposite of last season's final, with Liverpool looking far from form despite a brilliant start to the game, which translated into two early goals before giving in to Real Madrid.

However, Real Madrid know that relying on the result of the first leg could cost them a lot, especially as Liverpool can pull off a counter-shock if they score early in tomorrow's match, especially as they have nothing to lose.

Tomorrow's match is an end and a means for Real, as the team aspires to win it to continue its journey in the title defense on the one hand, and looks forward to the match being the perfect opportunity to prepare ahead of the highly anticipated Clásico clash against Barcelona in La Liga next Sunday.

Real Madrid's results fluctuated significantly after beating Liverpool in the first leg, as the team drew with Atletico Madrid 1-1 and Real Betis goalless in La Liga and lost to Barcelona 0-1 in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey before regaining their victories by beating Espanyol 3-1 earlier this week in La Liga.

In contrast, Liverpool have puzzled their fans by continuing the strange results this season.

After a tough defeat to Real Madrid, Liverpool played four consecutive Premier League games, drawing goallessly at Crystal Palace and then beating Wolves 4-2 and Manchester United 0-7 before falling 0-0 at Bournemouth earlier this week.

Now, the team aspires to a real miracle and regain the tone of victories away from home, as the team clings to the hope of improving its image at least through tomorrow's match.

Liverpool have more than one previous comeback in the European Championship as an incentive for their players to put in a strong show and achieve a positive result.

At the forefront of these previous results comes the success of Barcelona in responding to its 0-4 defeat to Paris Saint-Germain in the round of 16 of the Champions League season 2016-2017 and winning at home 6-1 to qualify for the quarter-finals.