Knife between the teeth to see the 15 points stolen by the Federal Court of Appeal returned. Juventus' battle continues against the penalty of 15 points and the disqualifications to its former managers.

At the center of the latest developments, the delivery of the correspondence between the FIGC Public Prosecutor's Office and Covisoc which contains the interpretative clarifications on the capital gains affair. After the pronouncements of the TAR and the Council of State, today the Football Federation has transmitted to the lawyers of Federico Cherubini and Fabio Paratici, involved in the investigation, the so-called 'second card' of the updates between the Federal Prosecutor's Office and Covisoc requested by the lawyers of the two.


Federico Cherubini


Fabio Paratici

Access to the document - the TAR of Lazio had highlighted - "is intended to protect not only the defensive needs of the applicant, but the more general obligation of transparency of administrative action". "The act must be known before the sporting process is concluded." According to the defense lawyers, the procedural times in the sports investigation of the FIGC federal prosecutor's office would have been violated, as the document in question is dated April 21, 2021. Everything revolves around this date, as the note in question would anticipate the date on which the federal prosecutor had learned of the alleged irregularities. The well-known 'Covisoc card', sent by the federal prosecutor Giuseppe Chiné, had not been put on the record of the sports trial, despite the requests of the defense to be able to view it, because according to the Prosecutor's Office it did not constitute an investigative act.

Tar Lazio