Al Mutaiwee: Our partnership with Al Habtoor reflects significantly on the development of the game

Al Habtoor Darts Championship kicks off on Saturday


The Al Habtoor Darts Championship, hosted by Al Habtoor Polo & Equestrian Club & Resort next Saturday and Sunday, is expected to be attended by more than 150 players, and the tournament includes 3 categories, including doubles, singles and open for Arab players and open to foreigners and residents.

The tournament will witness on the first day doubles competitions until the round of four and will be completed on the second day for singles and doubles until the final, and according to the playing system, the doubles competition will be held in a system of 5 rounds in the preliminary round and 7 rounds in the finals, while men's singles for citizens and residents will be the preliminary round of 7 rounds and the round and final 9 rounds, and the federation's management has allocated financial prizes to the owners of the first places with cups and medals.

Khalifa Al Mutaiwee, President of the Federation, thanked the management of Al Habtoor Polo and Equestrian Resort for sponsoring the tournament, stressing that the UAE sport needs such sponsorship in order to develop it, especially darts, which need support in order to spread the game and achieve the ultimate goal, which is to form a strong Emirati team to participate in the foreign tournament.

"The game is spreading rapidly and such tournaments reveal the base of practitioners and also the talents that appear and need to be refined to put them on the right track, which is what we are working on in the Federation's strategy to reach the largest number of practitioners in a short period through such tournaments and we hope that other companies in the private sector will adopt hosting tournaments because the goal in the end is the name of the UAE."