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After being eliminated after one round at the
World Baseball Classic, the national team returned home today (1). The athletes vowed to use the humiliation and pain of this tournament as an opportunity to re-emerge.

Sung-Hoon Lee is a reporter.

Kim Hyun-so, who shouldered the burden and responsibility of < reporter >

captain more than anyone else, blamed himself for the team's failures.

[Kim Hyun-so/WBC team outfielder: I didn't get a good result because I misled the players because I wasn't good enough, but I want to thank the juniors for giving their best until the end.]

Since the 14 Beijing Olympics, he has participated in 2008 international competitions and announced with a trembling voice that his 10-year international career as a centre batsman is over.

[Kim Hyun-so/WBC team outfielder: I think it's over to wear 'Korea' now. I said that since our national team is not over, I hope the (junior) players will come out next time and do well.

Baekho Kang, who was heavily criticized for being out for not stepping on the base and was out for not stepping on the bases against Australia, and who couldn't smile even after batting 15 times in this tournament, promised to grow as a player and as a person.

[Baekho Kang/WBC infielder: I will try to be a good player for a lot of people, how I have grown as a player, and how I have a good personality as a person. I hope you will keep an eye on it.]

Tommy Erdman, who experienced Korean baseball for the first time, expressed his desire to wear the Taeguk mark once again.

[Tommy Erdman/WBC infielder: I would love to represent Korea again (in the next WBC). I don't know what the situation will be, but I hope I have a chance.]

With the exception of Major Leaguers Kim Ha-sung and Edman, who immediately moved to the United States, the KBO League players returned home today and returned to their respective teams.

(Video Interview: Gong Jin-koo, Video Editing: Woo Ki-jeong)