"I think the most important thing for the players is to feel the pressure of not losing, to create an environment where the players can enjoy it more."

South Korea National Baseball Team captain Kim Hyun-so has hinted at his retirement from the national team after the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Round 1 Group B final against China. Kim Hyun-so, who has played for the national team wearing the Taeguk mark for 15 years, said, "I think it's the last time," adding, "I think wearing the Korea (jersey) is over." Kim Hyun-so revealed that he was not good enough as captain, saying, "I didn't show my skills under tension, so I think the seniors should help me with that."

In response, Kim Ha-sung said, "It's true that the entire Korean national team, including me, didn't enjoy it," adding, "I'm sorry because the players who played the match are responsible for the result."

Hyun-so Kim also expressed his belief in baseball criticism for his poor performance. Kim Hyun-so said, "I heard a lot of words of comfort from the seniors who came to the national team a lot, but there were many people who didn't, and it is a pity that they seem to think it is easy," adding, "It is more regrettable because they thought they were baseball people like us."

(Video Interview: Jang Un-seok, Yoon Hyung / Composition: Jin Sang-myung / Editing: Jang Hee-jung / Production: D Content Planning Department)