The WBC National Team of South Korea met China in the first round of Group B of the 13 World Baseball Classic at the Tokyo Dome in Japan on the 2023th.

After shaking off the regrets of the last games, this is the South Korean batting line that finally broke out.

Early in the fourth inning, No. 1 hitter Ji Young Lee produced a hit that landed in front of the left fielder, and No. 4 hitter Ji Hoon Choi scored the multi-hit game today with a hit that broke through the first and second runs. China tried to turn the tide by replacing the pitcher with Sun Hailong, but the No. 8 hitter, Park Hae-min, drew a hit that went over the second baseman's key, creating a Musa Manru situation. No. 9 hitter Kim Hye-sung scored one RBI on a lucky infield hit that came out after the batted ball went into the pitcher's glove in a 1-2 ball count situation. South Korea runs away with a score of 1:2.

Park Byung-ho, who came in in place of No. 2 hitter Lee Jung-hu, added one run on a walk. The score is 2:2. No. 1 hitter Kim Ha-sung gets an infield flyout, and No. 13 hitter Kang Baek-ho gets a strikeout and Park Gun-woo enters the batting cage with two outs. With the ball counting 2-3, he hit a huge home run to completely break China's will to chase. All runners come home and the score is 1-14.

Watch the ruthless South Korean batting line, Park Gun-woo's Manru home run!

(Executive: SBS D News Platform Department / Produced by: Song Pyeong-gul, Park Geon-joo)