In Seoul the World Short-track Championships on single distances have ended. Double Italian medal in the relays of the World Championships, silver men, mixed bronze.

At Mokdong Icerink the final day of the event saw the awarding of five titles, the 1,000 meters of both sectors and the three relays (men, women, mixed). After Saturday's exploits (gold medal in the 500 and silver in the 1,500), there was great expectation around Pietro Sighel. The bearer of the Fiamme Gialle has, in fact, easily reached the Final of the 1,000. The twenty-three-year-old from Trentino was the victim of an unexpected fall, having to settle for fifth place.

In the women's 1,000 the best Italian was Arianna Sighel (Fiamme Oro), who went all the way to the semifinals. The twenty-six year old from Baselga di Piné took part in the Final B, reaching ninth position in the overall ranking of the distance. After the individual competitions, it was the turn of the team trials, in which Italy was able to celebrate. The mixed relay team was awarded the bronze medal. The quartet composed of Arianna Valcepina, Arianna Sighel, Andrea Cassinelli and Pietro Sighel competed brilliantly, controlling Belgium in the race for the lowest step of the podium. Chiara Betti also put the bronze around her neck, having been used in Friday's batteries.

The women's relay, formed by Elisa Confortola, Gloria Ioriatti, Arianna Sighel and Arianna Valcepina, expressed itself on its limits. The Azzurre finished fourth behind the much more quoted Netherlands, South Korea and Canada, teams of superior caliber. Finally, in the men's relay, the last competition of the program, a prestigious silver medal arrived. Andrea Cassinelli, Tommaso Dotti, Luca Spechenhauser and Pietro Sighel remained constantly in a fight for success and, in the end, occupied the place of honor behind China. Thomas Nadalini, used in the batteries, also took the podium. For Italy, the World Championships in Seoul ends with the haul of four medals, one gold, two silver and one bronze.