Hehe, but the Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al Khateeb allowed himself a nice joke on Wednesday at the expense of the not exactly highly revered neighbor Qatar.

A few hours before Lionel Messi played the most important game of the season in the jersey of Paris St-Germain, a club pumped full of Qatari oil and gas billions, Al Khateeb announced that his 1-A advertising ambassador Messi would soon visit the Saudi kingdom for the second time and "enjoy the most beautiful tourist destinations and unique experiences".

We don't know how cheeky the PSG owners from Qatar found this whisper at the wrong time. But we think it turned Messi's head, who also trumpeted his Saudi travel plans himself.

When it came to fighting, dribbling and scoring goals against Bayern, the Argentinian world champion seemed like a walker of Fröttmaning, who perceives the Allianz Arena only as a sight.

So now PSG-Qatar is once again empty-handed in the Champions League, Messi has leisure to travel, and the Saudi laughs. Rivalry in sportswashing is a bad joke.