Is this real? To see the astonished faces of some players of the XV of France after the carnage of Twickenham (victory 53-10), it is obvious that they struggle to believe what they have just achieved. These are also the words of Antoine Dupont at the microphone of France 2 at the end of the meeting. "It's hard to realize... 53-10 at Twickenham in the den of rugby, it's sure to be historic. He doesn't think he's saying it that well. It's a record, even.

On Saturday night, many barriers - including some prehistoric - fell and the limits of what was possible were pushed. If the Blues have already suffered huge slaps against the English (like the 44-8 in 2019), the XV of the Rose could boast of having always remained worthy against their rivals. Those days are over.

The record victory of the XV of France against England in numbers

  • Seven tries scored (the old record was six against England), six of which were converted.
  • First win in 25 years at Twickenham in a Six Nations crunch. The last was on February 13, 2005 (17-18 for the Blues)
  • Biggest French victory at Twickhenam: +43 (the old record was only +8 points and dated back to 1951)
  • Biggest French win against England: +43 (the old record was +25 in 1972 and 2006)
  • Most points scored against England: 53 (the previous record was 37, dating back to 1972)
  • Biggest point difference in Crunch history: +43 (the old record was +37 in favor of the English and dated back to January 1911!)
  • Most English tears collected ever: about 99999999999999999 liters

The record that is not broken

That of the most points scored during a Crunch: 55. It still belongs to the English, and dates from the epic battle of March 21, 2015, also during the VI Nations tournament. The Blues can bite their fingers for not having been able to transform the last try. Or not.

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