Al Nasr returns from Bani Yas with a deserved victory

Al Nasr achieved a deserved victory over its host Bani Yas, with a goal without reply, today, Saturday, in the 19th round of the ADNOC Professional Football League. Portuguese Antonio Tozi scored the only goal of the meeting from a penalty kick, calculated by Omar Al Ali at the 76th minute to raise the «Brigadier» score to 17 points, while Bani Yas froze at 19 points.

The video technology acquiesced to the «Al-Far» desire to get the victory he deserved, after he was deprived of scoring two goals scored over the course of the two halves of the meeting. Ryan Mendes had scored a goal, before the two teams headed to the dressing room, but the technique "Alvar" canceled it, due to a foul on his Togolese teammate Mlaba before scoring. Video technology returned to deprive Mendes of another goal scored by "on the fly", because there was a hand touch on his colleague Adel Tarabat, who passed to him before scoring. But the «mouse», fair victory, in the third time by calculating a penalty kick, after confirming the touch of the ball hand, Bani Yas player Fawaz Awani, to succeed Tozi in scoring. Al Nasr proved his advantage from the beginning of the meeting, and his players were able to have a longitudinal hand on the course of play, but Adel Taarabt, failed to exploit that advantage for a goal from a header while in a confrontation with the goal, to put it over the crossbar, and immediately after Mlaba missed the opportunity for a goal achieved while he was in a solitary position in the goal, but the defense succeeded in keeping it away after that. But Bani Yas was forced to complete the meeting with 10 players since the 41st minute, after its star, Khalil Ibrahim, was subjected to two consecutive yellow cards, which greatly facilitated the task of the hosts to get the three points.