▲ The Korea National Baseball Team squad exiting the stadium after the game

After a game that will go down in Korean baseball history as the "Tokyo Disaster," the Taeguk Warriors did not hide their devastated expressions as they exited the Tokyo Dome.

Feeling angry, ashamed, and embarrassed, I walked out of what had been a nightmarish arena.

South Korea defeated Japan 10-2 in the second leg of the Group B of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) at the Tokyo Dome in Japan yesterday (13th).

After taking a three-run lead early in the third inning on a two-run home run by Yang Eui-won and a timely hit by Lee Jung-hoo, South Korea allowed four runs right away in the bottom of the third inning and took the lead away.

Trailing 4-3, Park Gun-woo drew a solo arch in the sixth inning that gave a brief glimmer of hope, but the pitchers collapsed and conceded a run.

Se-Woong Park, who pitched a two-out reliever in the seventh inning of a 2-3 loss, would have been humiliated by a cold game if he hadn't finished the inning.

After the game, most of the players passed through the mixed zone in silence.

Starting pitcher Kim Kwang-hyun passed with anger and remorse on his face as if he was about to burst into tears, and Won Tae-in, who relieved Kim Kwang-hyun and scored one run in two innings, also slipped out with a hood.

Se-Woong Park, the only pitcher on the varsity team to allow no runs in 3 6/3 scoreless innings, was also devastated.

So did most of the beasts.

Lee Jung-hoo, who first comforted his teammates after losing the Korean Series last year and interviewed them on behalf of the team, also did not speak.

Speaking briefly on behalf of the squad was active big leaguer Tommy Hyun-so Erdman, who plays for the St. Louis Cardinals.

"Japan were a very talented team," Edman said, "and we still didn't let go of our hopes of qualifying for the next round."

After back-to-back losses to Australia and Japan, South Korea must hope for a miracle if they want to advance to the second round (round of eight).

The Czech Republic will hold Australia, while South Korea, the Czech Republic and Australia will have to go 6-13.

South Korea will rest for a day today (4th) before finishing the group stage with matches against the Czech Republic (7th) and China (2th).

(Photo = Yonhap News)