The 1st FC Kaiserslautern, plagued by a flu epidemic, has lost sight of the top group of the second Bundesliga by drawing against SV Sandhausen. The Palatinate did not get beyond a 2:2 (1:1) at Betzenberg. Strong air in the relegation battle, the 1st FC Nuremberg by a 2:0 (0:0) against Eintracht Braunschweig.

In front of 39,779 spectators at Betzenberg, Boris Tomiak (35th) and Kevin Kraus (76th, hand penalty after video evidence) initially brought FCK into the lead after the early deficit by Ahmed Kutucu (8th). But it was not enough to win because Franck Evina (80th) put the finishing touches.

One week after the defeat in Magdeburg, coach Dirk Schuster had to change his starting eleven to five positions due to a flu epidemic, including regular goalkeeper Andreas Luthe. On the pitch, the next setback followed: The former Schalke Kutucu prevailed against two Lauterer and scored from the corner of the penalty area to take the lead.

Tomiak and Kraus, however, turned things around and let the fans dream of a fourth home win in a row - before Evina scored to make it 2-2.

Nuremberg's second victory under Hecking

Nuremberg, meanwhile, won in the third game under Dieter Hecking for the second time and extended the lead on the relegation place to seven points by the 2:0 (0:0).

Florian Hübner (69th) and Jan Gyamerah (81st) scored the Nuremberg goals in front of 25,235 spectators and thus increased the worries of Braunschweig, who can fall back to a relegation rank in the course of the 24th matchday.