148 players in Fujairah Fitness Challenge

Ahmed bin Zabawi. From the source

Ahmed bin Dhabi, a member of the Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation, confirmed the readiness of the organizing committee for the launch of the Fitness Challenge Championship (Fujairah 2023), which will be held at the Fujairah Tennis Club halls with the participation of 148 players from citizens, residents and those coming from outside the UAE, including 30 players and 118 players. Bin Dhabawi said in a press statement: «We look forward to a strong start in technical and physical performance and competitions to produce a distinctive version», revealing that the championship includes five categories: men and women for professionals, the team category for men, and the amateur category for men and women.

In turn, the technical coordinator of the tournament and the general manager of Genjak Abdullah Al-Kiswani, revealed in a press statement the participation of international players in the professional category, including the Spaniard Dami, ranked 52nd in the world, and the Spaniard Elena, ranked sixth in the world. He pointed out that the prizes of the tournament amount to 200,64 dirhams divided into 24 prizes, in addition to allocating prizes to the community category, and the competitions are managed by <> judges and organizers.