10 years of consecutive disappointments for Paris Saint-Germain in the 'Champions of Europe'

Mbappe and Ramos are frustrated after the early elimination from the 'European Champions' the day before yesterday at the hands of Bayern Munich. A.B

Paris Saint-Germain lived, the day before yesterday, a new 'nightmare' in the Champions League, after saying goodbye to the most famous competition in the world of football in Europe, from the price of the final, and for the second year in a row. After Real Madrid had ousted them last season, this time it was Bayern Munich's turn at the Allianz Arena after winning 2-1 and <>-<> in the first leg.

Saint-Germain, despite spending heavily on player deals over the past 10 years, and despite having a strong squad of the best stars of world football, such as Swede Ibrahimovic and former Uruguayan Cavani, and Argentine Messi, Frenchman Mbappe and Brazilian Neymar currently, but he could not achieve the main goal of winning the Champions League title. Following are the setbacks suffered by Saint-Germain in the "Champions of Europe" during the past ten years since 2013, until today.

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