the new head coach of the national football team, Klinsmann, arrived today (8th). Winning the Asian Cup next year is our primary goal.

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As fans who remember the world-class striker of the
1s, Jürgen Klinsmann, visited the airport early in the morning,

[Thank you Jürgen Klinsmann]

Klinsmann, who will lead the national team to the 1990 CONCACAF World Cup, appeared with a big smile.

[Jürgen Klinsmann/National Football Team Manager: I am very proud and honoured to be appointed to the command tower of the Korean national team.]

Klinsmann, who was a member of FIFA's technical research committee at last year's World Cup in Qatar and was delighted with Bentujo's progress to the round of 2026, said,

[Jurgen Klinsmann/National Football Team Manager (after the win over Portugal): South Korea showed great fighting spirit. It's a fantastic victory. I'm really happy.]

He said he is well aware of the power of Korean football and has made winning the Asian Cup next year his primary goal.

[Jurgen Klinsmann/National Football Team Manager: South Korea beat powerhouse Portugal at the World Cup in Qatar and Germany four years ago. We can do well. The goal is to win the Asian Cup next year.]

Amid concerns that his tactical skills are lacking and he has been away from the field for too long, Klinsmann will use his inaugural press conference tomorrow to lay out a concrete blueprint for running the national team.

(Video Interview: Park Seung-won, Video Editor: Kim Jong-tae, CG: Seo Dong-min)