The former national player Tabea Kemme has sharply criticized the Mönchengladbach football professional Marcus Thuram for his swallow in the Bundesliga match against SC Freiburg. "I like to call something like this a "fallen fruit". The rotten apple falls from the tree for no reason," said the 31-year-old in the "ran Bundesliga Webshow": "I don't want to see such characters on the pitch. It's not the first time this has happened to him."

If she had undertaken such an action during her active time, it would have been incredibly unpleasant for her. "Oh my God, I would be so embarrassed. I would be so ashamed" Thuram had dropped against Freiburg on Saturday in the penalty area after a duel without foul play and demanded a penalty. The penalty was initially given by referee Benjamin Brand, but was withdrawn after studying the video images.

Former referee: Subsequent suspensions make sense

Kemme pleaded for swallows to be sanctioned with a time penalty. "You know it from other sports like handball. Being outnumbered directly in the game may hurt even more than being suspended in the next game," said the 2016 Olympic champion.

Also in the case of Thuram's teammate Ramy Bensebaini, who had insulted the referee team in French after his yellow-red card against the SC, Kemme has a clear opinion. "I think you can work here with social hours," said the former defender. "I notice it again and again, when we visit schools, what educational work we have to do." In the case of unsportsmanlike acts such as Bensebaini's, "the players could get social hours and do this educational work with the youth".

Former Bundesliga referee Babak Rafati also recently called for a more intensive confrontation with so-called swallows in the penalty area in view of the incidents at the Gladbach game. "In retrospect, it would make sense for the sports court to treat and evaluate such a case again," Rafati told the "Sportbuzzer". Dietmar Hamann had previously also sharply criticized Thuram. "For me, Thuram should be banned. For me, this is a disgrace for football," said the Sky expert.

Referee Brand has recognized in retrospect that a yellow card would have been appropriate. This was confirmed by his colleague Sascha Stegemann on Sunday in the Sport1 program "Doppelpass" after a conversation with his colleague. A harsher punishment could not have been pronounced by the impartial. "The rules only provide for a yellow card. It is an unsportsmanship, not a gross unsportsmanship," explained Stegemann. Rafati recommended that players be subsequently banned for such offences. A lock has an educational effect, said the 52-year-old.

Gladbach coach Daniel Farke announced that he wanted to talk to Thuram. "We talked about it at the beginning of the season in preparation because I had the feeling that Marcus tends to be too easy. I don't think that's right," said the coach.

In the case of Bensebaini, meanwhile, there will be an aftermath. The DFB announced on Sunday that the control committee would investigate. Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was recently fined 50,000 euros for his statements about referees ("soft-washed pack").