It was February 28 when a furious quarrel on the sidelines, during Cremonese-Roma, had led to the disqualification for two rounds for the coach of Roma, José Mourinho. Punishment then suspended. Now a new piece is added to the story. The fourth man, Marco Serra, with whom the fumantino Mou had taken it, spoke in the transmission Le Iene telling that it would have been a resounding misunderstanding.

He would not say "home", but "area". What everyone interpreted by a lip as "they all take you by the ass", would actually have been "you're putting the stadium against you". It was therefore a technical comment, a reprimand proper to his functions at that time.

"I didn't say anything that could offend Mourinho," Serra said. Filippo Roma, the correspondent of the program, addresses in his service to an expert in the reading of the deaf lip who however "denies" the referee: "Serra is from behind and it is not clear what he says but Mourinho replies: "But I talk to them", and therefore refers to the Roma players on the field. This is the moment when Serra says to Mourinho "They all take you by the ass...'go home, go home'. Mourinho, meanwhile, is replying to him: 'Are you going home?' Serra speaks to him again but is from behind, then Mourinho, bewildered, replies "Are you out?". At this point Mourinho says to Serra: "But you talk to me about education, right? Do you have to talk about education with me? Nice education. And respect? Education with me? Do you talk about education with me?'"


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