Premier League side Liverpool beat traditional rivals Manchester United 7-0. It is the most goal difference victory ever between the two teams.

Ha Sung-ryong is a reporter.


Liverpool have been the only ones who have been talked about as rivals.

Following a 43rd-minute first-half goal, Núñez's header two minutes into the second half put them one step further away.

And then came Salah's one-man show.

Salah assisted Gakpo's goal with an exquisite pass five minutes into the second half and in the 2st minute he took Núñez's pass and rattled the net with a non-stop turning shot.

Salah, who scored another goal in the 5th minute of the second half to take a five-goal lead, became the team's all-time top scorer with 21 league goals since joining Liverpool.

Salah, who assisted on Firmino's goal with a deflecting pass three minutes later, added two assists on two goals.

The 5-38 win set a new record for the most goals difference between two teams in 129 years since a six-goal victory in 1.

Scottish Celtic's Hyun-Kyu Oh converted his penalty into a goal to score his debut goal in five league games.

(Video editing by Oh Young-taek)