Decisions of video referees (VAR) at football matches should be better communicated to the audience in the future. This was confirmed by the top rulemakers of the International Football Association Board (Ifab) at a meeting in London. As they announced on Saturday, the VAR decision-making process at FIFA tournaments will be shown live on the stadium screen and on television on a trial basis in order to better involve the fans.

The twelve-month test phase had already begun at the beginning of February at the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco and is to be continued at the upcoming U-20 World Cup in Indonesia. Whether the VAR live broadcast will also be shown at other tournaments, however, remained open for the time being. The previous procedures with the video evidence are to be reviewed again with the most important participants, it said.

Bodycams for referees

The football regulators also recommended to all football competitions worldwide to calculate injury time more accurately and to have additional minutes replayed if players buy time. A corresponding approach had been tried at the World Cup in Qatar last year and had proven itself, according to Ifab.

It was also decided to set up a working group to improve the behaviour of players on the field towards referees in amateur football. As a test, the officials – similar to police officers – are to be equipped with so-called body cams. These body-worn cameras record all communication with players and coaches.

The 137th IFAB meeting in the British capital was attended by representatives of FIFA, the world football association, including President Gianni Infantino, the English Football Association and associations from Ireland, Scotland and Wales.