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  • Interrupted last month due to the World Championships in Oberhof (Germany), the Biathlon World Cup is back for three stages until March 19.
  • The resumption for the ladies takes place in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic), with the sprint, scheduled this Friday at 16:10.
  • Unlike the men, where Norway's Johannes Boe crushes the competition at will, the race for the crystal globe is not played at all in the ladies.
  • French biathlete Julia Simon remains 76 points ahead of Sweden's Elvira Oeberg, three stages away from the end of this World Cup.

08h00 : Helloooooo les bibix !

Welcome back to the 2,738th live biathlon in the history of 20 Minutes. As the Women's World Cup resumes, this Friday (16:10) with the sprint, we have a little particular emotion: we were not born during the last crystal globe won by a Frenchwoman, namely Sandrine Bailly in 2005. Booooon, it is not impossible that the style effect of this stat has been magnified (reminder: avoid the valves / refs of the nineties in this live to make illusion). Let's go back to the bibi: at 26 years old, Julia Simon is totally bluffing this season and she is leading this World Cup. There are only three stages left, counting Nove Mesto (Czech Republic) from this Friday, and our Savoyard biathlete is 76 points ahead of Sweden's Elvira Oeberg in the overall standings. The recent world champion in the pursuit will have to resume at best on this 7.5 km sprint, so as not to see her lead badly melt away in the general. Come on, see you soon around here.

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