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  • Interrupted last month due to the World Championships in Oberhof (Germany), the Biathlon World Cup is back for three stages until March 19.
  • This resumption will start in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic), with the men's sprint, scheduled for Thursday (16:15).
  • If the suspense is non-existent in the race for the crystal globe, as the Norwegian Johannes Boe martyrs the competition, we are curious to see in what form is Quentin Fillon Maillet, who has at times found his superb during the Worlds.

11:25 am: Hello bibix, so "back in business"?

Hi everyone, and admit it, your life had lost some of its meaning during those eleven days without any biathlon competition to put in your mouth, right? Rest assured, we were not going to miss this resumption of the World Cup in Nove Mesto (Czech Republic). So we will start (well especially the biathletes) with the men's sprint, this Thursday (16:15). Guess what, a certain Johannes Boe would be a priori announced favorite. But beware, wouldn't the Norwegian be overrated? Joking aside, this dingo won five gold medals at the Worlds in Oberhof and he is 219 points ahead of his compatriot Sturla Laegreid in the World Cup standings. Add to this that Laegreid will be forfeited on the entire stage of Nove Mesto because tested positive for Covid-19, and you will understand that the race for the crystal globe has little interest among men. Often out of the shot in recent weeks, Emilien Jacquelin has decided to skip this end of the World Cup to try to find his best biathlon for next season. But we can't wait to see where Quentin Fillon Maillet stands. Currently fourth in the World Cup (105 points off a 100% Norwegian podium), the Jura native regaled us in Oberhof. It therefore requires a confirmation by going a little to inquire Johannes Boe this Thursday, this case.

>> Meet us at 16 p.m. for this men's sprint from Nove Mesto, starting at 16:15 p.m.

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