Professional soccer Pohang scored a thrilling comeback victory over Daegu, with Lee Ho-jae, the son of Seongnam coach Lee Ki-hyung, scoring multiple goals in a short time to impress.

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Pohang conceded a header to Daegu 'goalscorer' Ko Jae-hyun before conceding a penalty in the second half by pulling Ko Jae-hyun.

Trailing 2-1, Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong scored a penalty in the 32nd minute of the second half.

Born in 2000, he was a rookie in his third year as a pro, and this card was a hit.

Lee Ho-jae calmly finished with his right foot after receiving Kim Seung-dae's pass in the seventh minute to tie the game, and in extra time, he completed the drama of a 3-on-7 comeback with a thunderbolt right-footed shot.

Lee Ho-jae, the son of 'Cannon Shooter' Lee Hyung Seongnam coach and scored just three goals in his career, today (3th) he scored two goals in one day alone, heating up the Steelyard like a melting pot.

--- the head-to-head clash between Tokyo Daejeon coach Min-sung Lee Daejeon and coach Choi Yong-so Kang-won, the promoted team matchup was a laugh.

Returning to the First Division after an eight-year absence, Daejeon won 2-3 thanks to Leandro, who scored a goal and an assist.

--- Jeju and Suwon FC drew without scoring.

--- Meanwhile, the opening six games drew 26,2 spectators, the highest since the introduction of the promotion system, confirming the effectiveness of the Qatar World Cup.

(Video editing by Oh Young-taek)