Hamburger SV has won a point at league leaders SV Darmstadt 1 in the fight for promotion to the Bundesliga with a 1:1 (0:98). In the top game of the second Bundesliga on Saturday evening, Ransford-Yeboah Königsdörffer (4th minute) scored the lead. Filip Stojilkovic (16st) scored the equaliser in front of 800,81 spectators in the sold-out stadium at the Böllenfalltor. Thus, the Darmstadt remained unbeaten in the 21st league game in a row.

The groundsmen were quickly caught cold by the early HSV goal. Moritz Heyer passed on the right side sprinting into the penalty area Königsdörffer, who scored past 98 keeper Marcel Schuhen to take the lead. Königsdörffer had come at short notice for Bakery Jatta in the starting eleven. As HSV coach Tim Walter said at Sky, Jatta had to go to the bench for disciplinary reasons. He had arrived too late for the team meeting and was only substituted after an hour.

After falling behind, the Darmstadt team initially struggled to find their game and create chances. Only after 20 minutes they gained the upper hand and had a good chance after a ball loss by Heyer to Frank Ronstadt (22.), whose precise shot from almost 20 meters HSV goalkeeper Daniel Heuer Fernandes brilliantly parried. Four minutes later, Phillip Tietz missed a free kick from Mathias Honsak by only centimeters.

The Hamburgers had even more luck in the 41st minute, when Honsak slipped into the ball after an input, directed it to the post, from where he jumped onto the goal line, but was not quite over it. The Darmstadt team had to wait a long time after the re-start until they also managed to score. Only the substitute Stojilkovic scored after a strong solo the fair 1:1 in an entertaining top game.