He stressed that the competition will be strong from Spain and Uruguay

Malhoof: The UAE's victory in the World Cup is more important than retaining the title

  • Salem Malhouf announces his readiness to compete for first place in the World Cup in the village of Boudhib. From the source


The jockey Salem Malhouf, the holder of the title of the last edition of the World Endurance Championship hosted by the city of Pisa in Tuscany in Italy, that the World Cup hosted by Boudheeb Global Village today, and he is the title holder, is an additional incentive for him to give everything he has, pointing out that «the UAE's winning the title is more important than repeating the achievement he achieved in Italy».

Malhouf won many first places at the level of local and international championships, especially the title of the Endurance Championship at Rashford in Norfolk in Britain for a distance of 160 km on the horse "Ahmed Dor Bartas", in 2022, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup for 120 km in 2019 on the horse "Black Ridge Indigo", the Private Stables Cup at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Festival, the title of His Highness the Crown Prince of Dubai Endurance Cup for a distance of 119 km, in addition to the title of Bahrain King's Cup for endurance over a distance of 120 km, and other titles.

Salem Malhouf stressed in an interview with «Emirates Today» on his physical readiness to compete for first place in the World Cup in the global village of Boudheeb today, while he expected that the competition for the title will be strong from the riders of the UAE, Spain and Uruguay.

Malhouf explained that he will choose one of the mares "Hala" or "Ahmed Dor Bartas" from the M7 stables, to compete for the title in the World Endurance Championship, inspired by the example of the UAE's global leadership, its continuous presence in the first places in various fields, and the directives of our wise leadership that "No. 1" is the goal that we must strive to achieve in order to continue the march of excellence and achievements at all levels.

He said: «The World Championship needs an experienced horse, and I see that the mare (Hala) star of strong races, and has already proven its ability to face challenges in various competitions worldwide, and recorded its name in the records of champions, and is strong to face the size of the expected competition, and the mare (Ahmed Dor Bartas) was at the level of competition in his first participation in the World Endurance Championship held in Rashford, Britain, and witnessed my coronation in first place, and my expectations that all UAE riders will be up to expectations, and in the best A degree of physical readiness to show the level that qualifies them to compete for first place."

Malhouf pointed out that holding the championship on the territory of the country represents a strong and great motivation for them to move forward in the competition tracks, reaching the first place, and said: «I see that our participating horses are accustomed to all floors in the racetracks in the country, and I hope that the atmosphere will be good, and suitable on the day of the race, and my confidence is unlimited in the ability of the UAE riders to provide new in the major global event».

Malhouf thanked and appreciated his coach Mohamed Al-Sabousi, and his great efforts that had a great impact on his access to this honorable outcome of titles, and the promotion of many values associated with strong personality and positive concepts, especially that the sport of endurance needs the mind, heart, effort and horse.

The championship will be held over a distance of 160 km, with the participation of 125 riders from 36 countries in 6 tracks, with the first stage 33 km, the second 30 km, the third 29 km, the fourth 28 km, the fifth 20 km, and the sixth 20 km.

• 125 riders, from 36 countries, on 6 tracks, participate in the major global event.

Salem Malhoof:

• "I will choose one of the two horses, Hala or Ahmed Dor Bartas, from M7 Stables, to compete."

• "Our participating horses are familiar with all the pitches on the racetracks in the country."

Highlights of Malhouf

■ World Endurance Championship hosted by Pisa, Tuscany, Italy.

■ Endurance Championship at Rashford, Norfolk in Britain.

■ Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Cup for a distance of 120 km.

■ Private Stables Cup at Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Endurance Festival.

■ Dubai Crown Prince Endurance Cup.

■ Bahrain King's Endurance Cup.