the Olympics, the Asian Games are divided into East and Summer Games. The Korean Sports Association is pushing to host the 2 Asian Winter Games in South Korea in two years.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Kwon Jong-o.

Seven winter sports organizations, including the
Ice Federation and the Ski Association, recently sent a letter to the Korea Sports Association, asking them to "host the 2025 Asian Winter Games."

The reason why the winter organizations came together is that the Asian Winter Games have not been held for 7 years.

The Asian Winter Games, held every four years, were last held in Sapporo, Japan in 2025.

The 12 Games were canceled due to Corona while there were no countries applying for the bid, and no country has applied for the 4 Games yet.

The 2017 Games will be held in Saudi Arabia for the first time in the Middle East, and winter organizations say the absence of the Asian Games by then would put athletes at a disadvantage compared to the summer events.

[Winter Games team official (voice modulation): You can motivate yourself through this (Asian Games), and if you win a gold medal, you will receive military service benefits and pensions.]

The Korean Sports Association has decided to move forward with the event, and is considering drastically reducing the opening and closing ceremonies and holding the tournament mainly in order to reduce costs, which is most important.

[Korean Sports Association official (voice modulation): There were a lot of opinions about allowing the athletes to only play.

The Sports Association plans to hold detailed consultations with the Ministry of Culture and Sports as well as relevant local governments such as Seoul, Gangwon, and Jeonbuk soon.

(Video editing : Nam Il)