Nearly a year after her last professional outing, IBO lightweight champion Estelle Mossely retained her belt by beating Malawi's Anisha Basheel on points Friday in Paris.

At the end of her fight, the 2016 Olympic champion announced her move to super-lightweight to win the WBC Silver belt and thus place herself as an official challenger for the reunification of the belts.

One more goal for the Frenchwoman, who has just embarked on a career as a promoter and who also hopes to get her ticket for the Paris Olympics next year. "Believe me, we're going to snatch this second gold medal," she told the audience after her victory.

A second gold medal in Paris?

Under the chandeliers and colonnades of the Salle Wagram, one of the oldest concert halls in Paris that has seen illustrious names in boxing, from Georges Carpentier to Marcel Cerdan, Mossely won by unanimous decision of all three judges (100-90, 99-91, 99-91).

More mobile and more technical than her opponent (25 years, 1.73 m, 11 v. including 10 before the lim., 8 d.), the Frenchwoman made the difference from the beginning of the exchanges. "I felt on the length that she was starting to tire but she was tenacious. I felt like my shots weren't shaking him," Mossely said.

Thank you all!!! It was a big challenge, boxer and promoter!!
I hope you enjoyed it whether it's live on Insta or in the room. This is just the beginning!!

— Estelle Mossely (@EstelleMossely) February 18, 2023

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"After she made technical mistakes, she was slower than me so I managed to counter her, to turn on my attacks to put her in the wind," she said. Mosely's last professional fight was in March 2022 in Dubai when she beat Argentina's Yanina del Carmen Lescano on points. With this success against Basheel, ranked 18th in the IBO, the 30-year-old boxer remains undefeated with now 11 wins in 11 fights in the pros.

In parallel with her professional career, Estelle Mossely has also embarked on the race for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. She took a first step earlier this month by playing in a pre-selection tournament that secured her place for the European Games next June, which will themselves qualify for the Olympics. Prior to this event, she will also compete at the World Amateur Championships from March 15 to 26 in India. "It's a lot of different goals but I took the measure of the challenge," she said.

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