The Ramadan series achieves high viewing rates

Muhammad Imam of “Cobra” still in the “action prison” and the popular hero


    Throughout the days of the holy month, drama stars in the Arab world compete, not only to present the most important artistic roles, but also to attract drama fans during the Ramadan marathon, and the most prominent follow-up season.

    “Emirates Today” stands in this daily overview of the most important Ramadan works of local, Gulf and Arab drama stars, and the most prominent roles that caught the public’s attention in terms of performance, artistic specificity, and the actor’s ability to provide a unique performance.

    After a two-year absence from television drama, Egyptian star Mohamed Imam returns to the scene to promise his fans new surprises, after his last appearance in the Ramadan 2021 series “The Tiger”, with director Sherine Adel and writer Mohamed Salah Azab, presenting this year the character “Cobra”, which embodies The title of his new Ramadan series by author Ahmed Mahmoud Abu Zaid and director Ahmed Shafik, in the Egyptian star’s second artistic meeting with the artistic duo after his series “Red Lines,” which was shown in Ramadan 2012. The return of the young star comes this time from the popular drama portal, where he plays the character “Ali Saleh.” Al-Maadawi, known by the nickname “Cobra,” is trying hard to start a new life and chart a future free of criminal records, after his release from prison on the grounds of his involvement in a series of outlaw acts in which the “teacher,” “Sheikhun,” his leader and spiritual father in the world, implicated him. The crime, but he is unfortunately surprised by his family's social reality, and finds himself forced to face a group of obstacles and difficult situations that put him in a struggle between returning to the right path or defending his innocence in front of everyone.

    Nothing new

    Despite the high viewership rates for the “Cobra” series during the second half of Ramadan in Egypt and a number of Arab countries, Mohamed Imam, who enjoys sweeping popularity and stardom among Egyptian youth, remained a fan of this work at the same threshold, and unfortunately did not present anything new. It is noteworthy, not at the level of dramatic form, or comedic performance, in which he still relied on the same sarcastic situations and dialogues, so he remained stuck in the mantle of his previous cinematic roles in films such as “The Thief of Baghdad,” “A Night Here and Pleasure,” and “Hell in India.” And other works in which the makers invested in the image of the brave and courageous comic hero, to exaggerate in drowning the eyes of the viewers in the open panels of “battles” and “action” of contrived excitement, which the young star excelled in performing and mastering to a great degree, through which his clear influence on the performance of his father, Adel, appeared. Imam in many of his movements and presence, especially his comedic skits, which he inherited from “Al-Zaeem” by virtue of living with him, at a time when Muhammad Imam was able, since his inception, to prove his talent and his ability to make his way steadily among the ranks of young stars.

    A “successful” combination

    The makers of the “Cobra” series are credited with their ability to present a new combination of participating stars, and to form an artistic painting with integrated elements, topped by the distinguished and completely new dramatic appearance of the star Magdy Kamel in his first meeting with Mohamed Imam, and the second with director Ahmed Shafik after the series “One Way to Go” in Ramadan. 2015, as Kamel presents in the Ramadan series a beautiful surprise to the audience through a dramatic return with a different essence and details. At a time when the first television appearance of festival singer and rising actor Ahmed Bahr, known as the character “Coriander,” was very remarkable in the character of “Sayyed Sika,” a friend of “Cobra,” leading to the experience of the young actor Ahmed Abdel Hamid, who presents the character of “Harbi,” the arch enemy of the hero of the series who His work in “butchery” seemed to be consistent with his harsh personality and bloody tendencies.

    . The hero of the series is trying hard to start a new life and chart a future free of precedents after his release from prison.