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A railway worker visits most of Britain's stations in 6 weeks

Dave Jones documented the challenge with photos. Archive

Dave Jones set off from Three Bridges Station, West Sussex, in mid-February. The British railway worker, who decided to visit all 2,580 train stations in the United Kingdom, in just six weeks, said that the challenge he faced “went really well,” but that he “missed” his bed, as the journey approached its end. Jones (34 years old) set off from West Sussex, and after reaching an average of 62 stations a day, he will complete his challenge today after raising more than 2,300 pounds for charity.

Jones told the PA news agency that there were "some obstructions due to the weather," which led to stations being flooded with water, preventing him from visiting 14 stations along the route. The young British man, a railway enthusiast, would jump off the train carriage at every station, climb onto the platform, and take a picture of each station sign.

Jones has slept through the night on some trains with passengers he didn't know, and stayed in hotels, but added: "There have been several times when I used regular all-night services and got the same amount of sleep as I normally would."

He did the challenge for the first two weeks while working, before going on annual leave to complete the bulk of his travels. Jones' challenge was not entirely smooth.

He added, "Heavy rain fell, so the water disrupted some stations and completely submerged them." Having visited almost every train station in the UK, Jones said his favorite station was probably Croydon, which is used by a huge number of people.

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