With the aim of providing advanced services to people of determination

“Zayed Olaya” contracts with “Cambridge” to operate the Host Center

Al-Humaidan and Podolsky during the signing of the contract. Wham

The Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination has entered into a contract with the Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Centre, to operate the Al-Modif Centre, affiliated with the established facility dedicated to long-term care for people of determination.

The contract was signed by the Secretary General of the Zayed Higher Organization for People of Determination, Abdullah Al-Humaidan, and on behalf of the Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, the CEO of the Group’s Finance and Investment Department, Dr. Howard Podolsky.

Al-Humaidan said: “The Zayed Higher Organization is always looking for the best that can be provided to care and qualify its members in all its affiliated centers, and to provide advanced services to various categories of people of determination and invest resources and energies in a positive environment, to empower them educationally, functionally, culturally and socially.” He explained that the Foundation’s assignment of the management of the Host Center to the Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center aims to provide the finest means of care, attention and follow-up to the residents of the center, and to double their care, rehabilitation and integration into society.