4 important tips to keep devices safe

“Cybersecurity”: Updating device software protects against fraudulent intrusions

The Council confirmed that software updates deter Internet pirates. Archive

The UAE Government Cybersecurity Council stressed the necessity of updating device software, stressing that updating protects users from fraudulent hacks.

The Council directed users to follow four important tips when performing software updates to keep their devices safe, which are: verify sources by downloading software updates from official sources to avoid cyber attacks, keep a backup copy of data by allocating a backup copy of important files to prevent any possibility of data loss. And stay updated by regularly checking the operating system and applications on your devices to keep your data safe. Activate automatic updates and avoid manual intervention to protect your device. Make sure to update the programs and applications of all your devices, including smartphones, laptops, portable or wearable devices, and tablets.

The Council pointed out that one of the most common misconceptions is that software updates relate exclusively to phones, while in reality they include computers, applications, the web, wearable devices as well, and even some smart home devices, and therefore updating them means protecting your security, especially since these devices interfere. In various aspects of your life.

The Council drew the attention of users in general if they prefer to update their applications or devices over Wi-Fi, they can set a reminder that alerts them to update them without consuming their own data package.

The Cyber ​​Security Council stressed that updating device software is extremely important and plays a fundamental role in protecting them from potential hacks, pointing out the importance of knowing the reasons that prompt you to update this software now.

The Council explained that software updates maintain the security of devices, fill security gaps to deter Internet hackers from any potential breach, fix errors and improve device performance, allow the user to benefit from new features, and ensure technical compatibility with other applications.

In a related context, an opinion poll conducted by the Cybersecurity Council through its official account on the “X” website showed that 83.6% of users regularly update their devices directly when a new update is issued, while 16.4% of participants said that they wait a while in order to perform the update.

The Council noted that Apple recently issued security updates for its operating systems to fill security vulnerabilities affecting VisionOS, iOS, iPadOS, macOS Ventura, macOS Sonoma, and Safari devices, so the Cybersecurity Council recommends the necessity of updating the private “iOS” operating system. Upgrade your devices to the latest version by Apple, to avoid any hacks or leaks of information and personal data.

Google also recently issued security updates for the Google Chrome browser, to fill several security vulnerabilities, so the Cybersecurity Council recommends that you update the Google Chrome browser on your devices to the latest version by Google, in order to avoid any hacks or leaks. For personal information and data.

It is worth noting that the Cyber ​​Security Council constantly directs the need for institutions and individuals to pay attention to the tools of hacking and electronic fraud that have taken different forms so that they do not fall victim to cyber attacks that may harm them, and for them to fall victim to such hacks.

The Council stressed the importance of preserving personal data and not disclosing it through fake links or anonymous messages except through official methods only, and being careful in dealing with messages received via e-mail, and not opening links except after fully verifying their authenticity. The Cyber ​​Security Council stressed the importance of confronting various types of cyber attacks by vital sectors, in addition to activating protection systems and cyber security policies, and alerting entities to any suspicious electronic activities that may harm their systems and electronic environment.

. 83.6% of users update their devices regularly when any new update is released.