The isolationist declarations of the Republican candidate for the US presidency Donald Trump are triggering the predictable indignation of the leaders of the Atlantic alliance, but also of high diplomatic sources. His words are "contrary to the spirit of Nato" given that Article 5 is "the soul of the alliance" and in doing so he "casts doubt" on the core of Nato's interests, the source said. 

Trump then makes a mistake, because the European allies "are engaged in the process of increasing" defense spending, doing "the right thing". "It doesn't happen overnight, in some cases there is talk of doubling the budget," explains the source. In this context, Germany, for example, will reach 2% of GDP in 2024 and perhaps exceed it, reaching 2.1%. "Trump also damages US security." 

For our Foreign Minister

Antonio Tajani

, the fundamental issue is European defense: "I am not entering into the American election campaign. I don't agree with what candidate Trump said, but it is not up to me to interfere in the election campaign of the United States." Tajani reiterated: "We are friends and allies regardless of who will be the president tomorrow. We are interested in

the transatlantic strategic relationship with the USA which is a lodestar of our foreign policy

as is the European Union

", he added. "Then there is the fundamental issue of European defense - stated Tajani -

we have been insisting for years on the need to have a European army

and a European defense policy which is an integral part of European foreign policy. We must understand that in order to count also in Born must be credible and Europe is credible if it has a serious foreign policy and defense policy."

NATO, as a military alliance, cannot depend on the decisions of the President of the United States, the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy

Josep Borrell

said today . "Allow me to be sarcastic. During this" American presidential "campaign, we will see and hear many things. Let's be serious.

NATO cannot be an 'à la carte' military alliance

. NATO cannot be an alliance that functions according to of the "mood" of the president of the United States in those days. It's not 'now yes, tomorrow, no'.... It exists, or it doesn't exist," Borrell told reporters when asked to comment on Mr. Trump.

Charles Michel

, president of the European Council, wrote that "reckless statements" like Trump's "only serve Putin's interest" and make more urgent Europe's nascent efforts to "develop its strategic autonomy and invest in its defense ".

It will not be easy to face the

meeting of NATO defense ministers in Brussels on Thursday and then the Munich Security Conference on Friday

, the annual meeting of national security leaders.

In Europe there has been discussion for some time about the opportunity to consider themselves protected by the US nuclear umbrella, in the knowledge that American bases have been installed in the Old Continent for decades. The Danish defense minister,

Troels Lund Poulsen

, said that within three to five years Russia could "test" NATO solidarity by attacking one of its weakest members and see if Article V solidarity really will be put into practice. practice.

The European Commission is meanwhile "preparing a structured internal process, to prepare for all the possible results of the US presidential elections", says the deputy chief spokesperson of the Commission

Arianna Podestà

in Brussels during the press briefing, regarding the possible repercussions on trade relations of a possible victory for Donald Trump. “It's something we are preparing: we have no other information to share,” she concludes.