The Biden campaign joins TikTok to reach young voters

US President Joe Biden's presidential campaign joined the TikTok platform in an attempt to reach young voters, despite warnings and security concerns related to this platform's connection to China.

The Biden campaign joins the poll: 86% of Americans believe that Biden is old and not fit to be president for a new term.

The Biden campaign revealed its TikTok account during the Super Bowl final, one of the most watched television events in the United States.

This is the first time that Biden has officially joined the TikTok platform, despite the White House and his campaign previously seeking to reach voters by conducting interviews with influencers and media companies that rely on social media platforms, such as NowThis.

This move reflects a broader media strategy for the Biden campaign, which relies less on traditional media, and seeks to reach young voters who are more likely to receive information through applications such as “Instagram,” “YouTube,” “X” and “Tik Tok.” .

Biden campaign advisors said in a statement that they "will continue to meet voters wherever they are," including on other social media applications, including Truth Social, owned by former US President Donald Trump.

A campaign official noted that the campaign takes “advanced safety precautions” for its devices and that its presence on TikTok was separate from the ongoing security review of the application.

Last year, the Biden administration ordered government agencies to remove the TikTok app from phones and devices owned by the federal government.

TikTok confirmed that it will not share American user data with the Chinese government and has taken fundamental measures to protect the privacy of its users.