Alexander Lorz is not to be envied. Just a few weeks after the CDU politician gave up the office of Hessian Minister of Education and took over the Ministry of Finance, he is confronted with a circumstance that has the potential to become a major scandal. At the study center for financial administration and justice, a university for prospective state employees in Rotenburg an der Fulda, right-wing extremist and racist chants are said to have been sung during a celebration of the graduating class. The school administration has confirmed that it has been informed of the allegations and the police have been contacted. The investigation is ongoing. That being said, the damage is done.

Around 100 people are said to have partied and celebrated and drank, listened to music and shouted “Germany for the Germans” and “Foreigners out”. This is not an isolated case. A more than 20-year-old Italian pop song, the chorus of which right-wing extremists cover with these classic neo-Nazi slogans, is circulating as background music for various videos on social networks. The song was also played and sung along to at carnival events; in Landsberg, Bavaria, rural youth chanted the song on their floats during the carnival procession through the community.

Civil service brings responsibility

Party participants reported the alleged incidents at the college for aspiring civil servants, and investigations by the public prosecutor's office and the state security agency have begun. In comments on the suspicion that has now been reported nationwide, the FDP and the Greens in the Hessian state parliament have pointed out the special responsibility of civil servants; in a statement, the responsible minister Lorz announced official measures for those who are proven to have committed racist derailments. It is to be hoped that these measures will make it impossible to become a civil servant, or at least make it considerably more difficult.

One might object that a few minutes of partying shouldn't determine a career path. However, anyone who has decided on a career in the civil service and gets so off track in a completely unpressured situation probably lacks inner stability. He or she may like to do something else, there are plenty of opportunities on the job market.

The country and the taxpayers as employers have a right to employees who are aware of the responsibilities that civil service entails - as a prerequisite for the privileges it offers. You can't sue for integrity. You can make it clear that it is unacceptable if she is missing.