Director of the First European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Artyom Studnikov, confirmed that political contacts with France are completely absent, pointing out Moscow's openness to such contacts and discussing the Ukrainian crisis and any pressing issues.

According to RIA Novosti, Studnikov did not expect Russian-French relations to improve and said: “We have no illusions about this matter,” noting that “the matter here is not about people, but rather about the unfriendly strategic path towards our country that Paris is currently pursuing.”

Studnikov explained that the first steps and statements by the French Prime Minister and Foreign Minister confirm that this path remains the same, and is even becoming more difficult, referring to the increase in supplies of lethal weapons and military equipment to the Ukrainian regime, and preparations for a type of bilateral agreement with Kiev regarding security guarantees and the development of new sanctions against... Russia.

The Russian diplomat stressed Moscow's openness to discussing the Ukrainian crisis and any other pressing international problems, and said: This depends, of course, on respect for Russia's basic interests in the field of security, and recognition of the new political and legal realities that have emerged as a result of the special military operation.

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