North Korean leader Kim Jong-un once again defined South Korea as a hostile country and declared that he would maintain peace through force rather than negotiation.

The Korean Central News Agency reported on the 9th that Chairman Kim and his daughter Joo-ae paid a congratulatory visit to the Ministry of National Defense on the afternoon of Army Foundation Day on the 8th, the founding day of the Korean People's Army.

In his speech at the Ministry of National Defense, Chairman Kim said, “The decision to define the Korean puppets as the most harmful and unchanging enemy of the hostile nation and the unchangeable main enemy of our country and to occupy and pacify their territory in case of emergency is for the eternal security and security of our nation.” “It is a very reasonable measure for future peace and stability,” he said.

He went on to explain, “We proactively shook off the unrealistic constraints that forced us to strive for formal dialogue or cooperation with Korean puppets who were plotting the collapse of the republican regime and dreaming of absorption and unification due to the rhetorical expression that we were fellow countrymen.”

Chairman Kim said, “Peace is not something that needs to be begged or exchanged through negotiations.” He added, “Currently, in front of our border, war-crazy mutants are in power and are pointing guns and threatening the safety of our country.” pointed out.

He continued, “Let us remember once again that war is not advertised in advance. We must always maintain a fighting posture,” adding, “If the enemy dares to use force against our country, they will make a bold decision that will change history and take all of the assets in our hands.” “I will use my superpower without hesitation to finish off my enemies,” he pledged.

On this day, Chairman Kim held a celebratory banquet commemorating the 76th anniversary of Armed Forces Day, at which Joo Ae also participated.

(Photo = Pyongyang Korean Central News Agency, Yonhap News)