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  • Ukraine has announced an advance of its troops on the left bank of the Dnieper occupied by the Russian army, a success after months of unsuccessful counteroffensive but which will be difficult to convert into a real breakthrough. According to French military expert Michel Goya, the Ukrainian operation is "quite limited, quite symbolic" but it "makes it possible to proclaim small victories after the failure of the main offensive".
  • Washington on Monday announced $100 million in new military aid for Ukraine, including air defenses, on the day of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's visit to Kyiv.
  • On the frontline, Ukrainian soldiers are preparing for a second winter. For Dmytro and his comrades near Bakhmut, the first winter was difficult. Since then, they have equipped themselves by installing a heater. In their basic shelter of about 20 square metres, it is <>°C. Enough to warm up before the return of sub-zero temperatures.



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We will be following the latest news related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine all day long. On Monday, U.S. Secretary Lloyd Austin made a surprise visit to Kyiv to assure of Washington's "unwavering" support for Ukraine. The United States has announced $100 million in new aid.

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